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PanTum® Detect is a multi-tumor screening blood test that “filters” asymptomatic healthy individuals by screening for the presence of silently growing benign, premalignant or malignant tumors.

The test has an IVD CE certified sensitivity of 97.5% and a specificity of 99%. It uses EDIM® (Epitope Detection in Monocytes) technology to detect multi-tumor enzyme biomarkers Apo10 & TKTL1 in immune cells (macrophages) which are detectable in all phases of tumor development.

This revolutionary, thoroughly researched and scientifically proven technology leverages the human immune system thus making it possible to detect tumors in early stages.

The “Cancer-Scan” program combines blood testing for PanTum® Detect with advanced imaging techniques and pathology confirmation into an integrated multi-tumor screening concept for early tumor detection.

Technology behind PanTum® Detect Test

Leveraging the immune system to deliver high accuracy of PanTum® Detect test

The human immune system is first to recognize the progression of disease, even before the onset of symptoms. EDIM® (Epitope Detection in Monocytes) technology makes the information contained in the human immune system visible for detection of cancer. Higher than normal levels of Apo10 (DNaseX) & TKTL1 detected in immune cells (macrophages) of screened individuals gives an indication of potential cancer and pre-cancer lesions in early and symptomless stages for healthy individuals.

Consumer Journey Powered by PanTum® Detect

Don’t wait for onset of symptoms, pre-book your test today. Book now

Consumer Journey Powered by PanTum® Detect

Don’t wait for onset of symptoms, pre-book your test today. Book now

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"Pantum® Detect is a truly innovative and revolutionary test in the field of cancer management. It is the holy grail of a universal test with a high sensitivity and specificity for the detection of early cancer."

Dr. Gurdeep Singh Sethi, MD

Medidect™ India - A Unit of Millennium Oncology India Private Limited
Check eligibility for PanTum® Detect
blood test
Asymptomatic Healthy individuals with intact immune system
  • Should not be undergoing cancer treatment or immunosuppressants drug
  • Should not be under influence of febrile illness, Inflammation, COVID, surgery or severe trauma in 8 weeks prior to blood sample draw
  • No vaccination in the last 4 weeks prior to blood sample draw.
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