Benefits and Limitations

associated with Cancer-Scan program
A personal decision for the screening candidate

The decision to test with PanTum® Detect is a personal one for every individual.

The individual needs to be aware of the limitations and should weigh these against the benefits of annual screening with PanTum® Detect.

PanTum® Detect has a high sensitivity of 97.5% (true positives) and specificity of 99% (true negatives) per IVD CE validation study and validated by the study on Indian population.
Available cancer diagnostic pathology and imaging solutions can be used more efficiently and effectively by pre testing with PanTum® Detect blood test.
Only those screened candidates who test positive with PanTum® Detect are exposed to follow up cancer pathology and imaging diagnostics.
Regular screening increases the chance of detecting a silently growing tumor in an early stage. When you annually test with PanTum® Detect and an suspicion of dangerous tumor development is found, the last negative result is no more than a year old.
PanTum® Detect is not suitable for individuals with a compromised immune system which has an effect on circulating macrophage numbers.
No screening test provides a result that is 100% accurate or reliable.
Statistically, 1 in 100 candidates screened will receive a false positive result (they don't have the disease but test positive).
Statistically 2.5 in 100 candidates with disease will receive false negative result (they do have disease but test negative).
False results are a psychological strain for individuals that get screened with PanTum® Detect.
Check eligibility for PanTum® Detect
blood test
Asymptomatic Healthy individuals with intact immune system
  • Should not be undergoing cancer treatment or immunosuppressants drug
  • Should not be under influence of febrile illness, Inflammation, COVID, surgery or severe trauma in 8 weeks prior to blood sample draw
  • No vaccination in the last 4 weeks prior to blood sample draw.
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