Introducing Cancer-Scan program

The PanTum® Detect multi-cancer screening concept

Early detection plays a vital role in timely treatment of diseases. Cancer can grow unnoticed in the body for years as a tumor remains locally confined before it develops into an invasive and aggressive form. By the time symptoms are noticeable, the disease has often progressed such that the chances of successful treatment and recovery are significantly reduced. The time of detection is therefore crucial for the success of treatment and survival; the earlier a tumor is detected, the higher the chances of recovery.

Stages of tumor & cancer development

Within a twelve-month time span, most tumors in early stages are unlikely to develop into ‘aggressive and metastasizing’ cancer. When you test annually with PanTum® Detect and an indication of tumor development is found, the last negative result is no more than a year old.

We therefore recommend performing a PanTum® Detect screening blood test every year in order to maximize the chances of detecting a dangerous & aggressive tumor in time. Such tumors can usually be treated successfully.

“Cancer-Scan” is a multi-tumor screening program which justifies further follow up cancer diagnostics (PET-CT, MRI, Histopathology) for asymptomatic healthy individuals who have tested positive with PanTum® Detect for confirmation of tumors.

Consequently, implementation of the “Cancer-Scan” program on an annual basis increases the probability of detecting tumor/s before the critical turning point into aggressive cancer.

This will improve medical outcomes as it would enable the candidates screened with PanTum® Detect to take timely action against cancer at an earlier stage. This program is already available in Germany as part of an insurance plan.

How does Cancer-Scan work
Check eligibility for PanTum® Detect
blood test
Asymptomatic Healthy individuals with intact immune system
  • Should not be undergoing cancer treatment or immunosuppressants drug
  • Should not be under influence of febrile illness, Inflammation, COVID, surgery or severe trauma in 8 weeks prior to blood sample draw
  • No vaccination in the last 4 weeks prior to blood sample draw.
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